Muebles Kawana, is a commercial name owned by Raquel Del Rio Torres, with ID number 6-0330-0576, dedicated to the sale of furniture, living room sets, dining rooms, coffee tables, accessories such as cushions and decorative sheets.

Kawana Furniture can take custom orders, so customers proceed with the choice of upholstery material, inclusion of extras such as cup holders and chargers, and preferred size. They can also choose the softness or density of the foam to make the seats softer.


Through this website you will be able to obtain information on the general conditions of purchase. By placing a purchase order through this site, a direct pre-contractual relationship equivalent to the issuance of a firm commercial purchase order will be established.

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Sales channels

Consumers can purchase the products as follows:

  1. Purchase in physical shop: Consists in the purchase of the consumer directly in our physical shop located in Curridabat, San José, of the ready-made products that are on display, which does not consist of a personalised piece of furniture. This sale is made in cash.
  2. Order in physical shop: Consists in the request of the consumer in the physical shop of a custom furniture, the order is filled and delivery is made within approximately 15 to 22 working days, this period may vary subject to the complexity of the order which will be informed to the consumer at the time of placing the order. For the purpose of placing the order, the consumer must make an advance payment of the price for the amount indicated prior to placing the order to manufacture and go to production list. The balance of the price will be paid when the ordered product is ready for collection. Once the ordered product is ready, Kawana Furniture will communicate via telephone to the means indicated in the order so that the consumer can go to the physical shop and review the order, in the same way the consumer can request the sending of photographs once the product is ready for corroboration.
  3. Delivery service: Consists of the consumer's request in the physical shop for a personalized piece of furniture and indicates an estimated date for delivery, which can be made in a period of approximately one month to nine months, this period may vary depending on the offer of Kawana Furniture, which will be indicated to the consumer at the time of placing the order. For the purposes of this section the consumer must make an advance payment of the price of the product, however, at the time that the products indicated in the order have to be manufactured, the consumer must have made the advance payment of the minimum amount indicated at the time of placing the order.
  4. Ordering by electronic means: The consumer can place the order online via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or the website. When placing the order the consumer must indicate the product you want or the photograph of the product you want to quote. Kawana Furniture will provide information on the price and characteristics of the product quoted, as well as photographs of the materials available and the information required to place the order. The consumer must choose the style, colour, material, size, seating arrangement if necessary and other information necessary for the development of the customised product. The consumer must make an advance payment of the price according to the method of collection or delivery selected in the order, which will be informed in advance. As agreed with the consumer, Kawana Furniture will prepare the order and will confirm the details of the order and photographs of the fabric and the receipt to the consumer by contacting us.

Availability of products and services

Products and services displayed on the Site or social media may not be available for purchase. Reference to such products and services on the Site or social media does not imply or warrant that these products or services will be available at any time in your location. Please check with your local Kawana Furniture shop or via the contact details provided for the availability of specific products.

We reserve the right to refuse / cancel any order or to restrict the quantities of any order without giving reasons, which will be notified by e-mail to the address given in the order.

Product Pricing

You should consult the specifications of the products thoroughly to know the conditions before making your purchase or order. Our prices include value added tax and do not include shipping costs as they are subject to the product and place where the customer requires it.

By virtue of the fact that the products may be subject to sales, offers or other special conditions, the prices shown on this page or social networks may change without prior notice or in some cases may have variations with respect to their price in the physical shop. In turn, the prices shown on the page or social networks may be modified due to the variation in the exchange rate Kawana Furniture may add, change, discontinue, remove or suspend any content included on this page, or social networks including prices, features and specifications of products described or represented on the page, temporarily or permanently, at any time, without notice and without liability, in order to provide consumers with clear, accurate and timely information.

The final prices of the products and the respective breakdown will be indicated to consumers prior to placing orders for their acceptance.

Method of Payment

To purchase the products, the payment methods are as follows:

  • Bank transfer or bank deposit: Purchases made by bank deposit or bank transfer will be dispatched only after confirmation by the bank.
  • Sinpe Mobile: To be validated before proceeding with delivery.
  • Credit or Debit Card.
  • Cash in the physical shop.

Other general conditions

The consumer understands and agrees that:

  • The measurements selected for personalised products will be approximate, as the length, width or height may vary from 1 cm to 5 cm.
  • Production times may vary according to the season or demand, so the approximate delivery time will be indicated to you before you place your order.
  • Regardless of the sales channel or form of order, once the order is placed, the next working day Kawana Furniture orders the fabrics required for manufacturing to ensure their availability.
  • Exception and limitation to the right of withdrawal: Regardless of the means by which the order is placed, the customer knows and expressly accepts that in accordance with Article 135 of the Regulations to the Law on the Promotion of Competition and Effective Consumer Protection No. 7472, as the goods are made or prepared to measure according to the buyer's own needs, they are an exception to the right of withdrawal. Therefore, if at the time of the notice of termination the goods had already been made or prepared, the right of withdrawal does not apply. If at the time of the notice of withdrawal the goods are in the process of being manufactured or prepared, the only way to exercise the right of withdrawal is to pay Kawana Furniture the value of what has been done, and to pay for the costs incurred in placing and revoking the order.
  • At the agreed time of delivery, the consumer must pick up the ordered product, otherwise the consumer must pay the monthly storage fee indicated by Kawana Furniture.
  • All photographs of products found on the website or social networks are decorated for illustrative purposes, however, the price of the products does not include cushions, vases, decorative plants, carpet, coffee table, among other decorative items that must be quoted in addition.
  • Kawana Furniture will not refund the deposit or advance payment of the price paid as a deposit to place orders.
  • When the consumer defines the material in the section the next day the fabric is purchased from the respective supplier, so the only way to change the fabric would be to pay an additional amount depending on the type of material. In the case of sofa beds, the hardware is also purchased from the supplier the day after the order is placed, so any change would involve an additional charge.
  • If the furniture to be manufactured is made of wood (dining tables, coffee tables) the customer will have 24 hours after placing the order to cancel it free of charge, after 24 hours there will be a penalty of 50,000 colones for each item to be cancelled.
  • The colour codes or names of the fabrics may not match the actual colour of the fabric, so Kawana Furniture sends photographs of the colours for the consumer to choose from when the order is not placed in the physical shop. In view of the above, the consumer should be sure to select the colour of their choice and make any queries that arise in relation to the colour or material they wish to choose prior to placing the order. It is also recommended that the consumer goes to the physical shop to see the colours and materials available for the production of personalised furniture. Once the order has been placed with a specific material and colour, Kawana Furniture is not responsible for a change in the colour or material and if the consumer wishes to make any changes to the selected material or colour, the consumer must assume the costs involved in such changes, including transport costs if the product has already been delivered.


Kawana Furniture states that it does not have transportation service, so the consumer can coordinate with the carrier of your choice the delivery or pick up the furniture in the facilities of Kawana Furniture. In the event that the consumer requests contact with a carrier, the cost of transportation will be additional to the indicated price of the product and the estimated cost will be indicated, which is calculated according to the weight, size, quantity of products and in accordance with the place where the consumer requests delivery, according to the carrier chosen by the consumer.

All carriers are obliged to check that the products are in perfect condition before being packed for their respective transport, once they check that it is in good condition and according to the order with its specifications must sign the invoice as proof that it is delivered in excellent condition, so Kawana Furniture is not responsible for any damage after such delivery so the carrier must assume the responsibility since it is delivered in the physical shop the product ordered, and any damage once delivered in the physical shop the product must assume the carrier or the merchant as appropriate.

Since the price does not include transportation service, in order to exercise the warranty the consumer must bring the product to the physical shop. In exceptional cases Kawana Furniture will coordinate a visit to the consumer's home to review the problem or situation being reported.

Deliveries must be scheduled from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., an appointment must be made for the delivery of the goods. No deliveries are made on Saturdays, we do not deliver goods that are not scheduled with their respective day and time.


The warranty on the structure of the armchair is 6 months. The warranty for manufacturing defects is 6 months, and the warranty on the upholstery material is 1 month.

If you require more information on the warranty of any of our products, please contact our contact numbers.

- The consumer must return the purchased item and enclose the instruction manuals and complete accessories, all of which must be in "as new" condition, i.e. the item and other accessories must not have suffered any damage through use or mishandling.

- The cost of transporting the item to the point of sale shall be borne by the consumer. Similarly, if the consumer requests the exchange of the originally purchased item for another one, he shall also bear the cost of transport from the point of sale to his home.

- Please note that the warranty does not apply to products with damage caused by handling or any other cause not attributable or attributable to Kawana Furniture. The article and all its accessories must not be damaged, scratched or mistreated in any way.

-The only person who may make use of this right is the person who appears as the holder of the purchase on the corresponding invoice. Therefore, in order to make use of this right, the customer must present the corresponding purchase invoice in the physical shop.


In order to use the Services offered, Users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security, confidentiality, integrity and physical and technological protection. The user, in accordance with the Principle of informed consent, and on the basis of Article 5 below and concordant articles of the Law for the Protection of the Person with regard to the Processing of Personal Data No. 8968 and Article 4 of the Law for the Protection of the Person with regard to the Processing of Personal Data No. 8968 and Article 4 of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data No. 8968. 8968 and article 4 of its Regulations, AUTHORIZES in an express, precise and unequivocal way to Muebles Kawana and Raquel Del Rio Torres cédula 6-0330-0576, to record your personal data in their internal databases, in order to provide their services and keep the respective record, as well as to send information or notifications via email, WhatsApp, by telephone or by text messages, which will be done only through authorized personnel for these purposes. We may use your information to contact you regarding the status of your order, contact you about services, product offerings and additional enquiries or we may ask you for feedback about your experience. This information may include contact details (name, physical address, telephone number, email address, etc.) but never credit or debit card numbers or bank account numbers (bank account details, card numbers are not stored after purchase, they are deleted). The user undertakes to inform Kawana Furniture of any changes to the information provided in accordance with the principle of information quality, which implies the need for the information collected, stored or used to be truthful, current and accurate. The user can request the rectification, updating and even elimination of the information in the terms indicated in Law 8968, in the company, for which the following means [email protected] is indicated. The person in charge of the database is Raquel Del Rio Torres, identity card number 6-0330-0576.

Disclosure of information to third parties

The information you provide is not shared with third parties, except when this is done in fulfilment of the purpose for which you provided it. The obligation undertaken herein does not apply to information that has entered the public domain or when requested by a competent judicial or administrative authority.


The customer will always be kept informed of purchases made and the status of your order, you can consult our means of contact and will be sent notifications in the media provided of orders placed. 


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The whole of these Terms and Conditions of Use and any additional requirements contained on this page constitute the entire agreement between Kawana Furniture and you in relation to the purchase of the products, and having received all the information you agree to give your consent. Kawana Furniture provides you with our contact details to answer any questions you may have regarding the terms and conditions of purchase.


Address: Curridabat, San José, 200 West of the Municipality.

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