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Aquaclean, a revolutionary textile technology, redefines the way we think about home textiles. It's a fabric designed for modern living and offers the ultimate in comfort and peace of mind. With Aquaclean you can say goodbye to the stress of stains and spills.

This remarkable fabric has a unique built-in stain-resistant property that allows you to clean even the toughest stains with just water. No need for harsh chemicals or expensive cleaners; Aquaclean takes care of the mess so you can concentrate on enjoying life at home.

Magic at home

Picture this: you are hosting a lively dinner party in your cozy dining room. The table is adorned with delicious dishes and glasses of red wine. Laughter fills the air as you make a toast. Suddenly, a guest accidentally spills red wine on the pristine white upholstery of your chair. Instead of panicking, you calmly grab a damp cloth, blot the stain and watch in amazement as it disappears effortlessly. With Aquaclean, those wine-related mishaps become mere anecdotes, not disasters.

Now imagine a family movie night in your living room. The popcorn is flying and the kids are having a blast with crayons and chocolate. Your little one eagerly dives into a bowl of ketchup during a fast food feast. In the past, these scenes might have been a source of anxiety, but with Aquaclean you can relax and enjoy the moment. Spills and splashes are easily wiped away, leaving the upholstery looking as good as new.


Aquaclean technology is like a super shield for your sofa fabric. It wraps the threads in an invisible layer that prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the fabric.



SAFE FRONT® , a state-of-the-art fabric property, is your sofa's guardian against unwanted guests such as bacteria and viruses. Think of it as a protective force field for your upholstery. It forms an invisible barrier that prevents these harmful microorganisms from settling inside the fabric, ensuring that your sofa remains a clean and hygienic haven. SafeFront not only contributes to the longevity of your furniture, but also plays a vital role in protecting your family's health by reducing the risk of skin allergies and other health problems that can be caused by microbial invaders. With SafeFront, your sofa is not just a comfortable place to relax; it's a sanctuary of cleanliness and well-being.

This innovative technology creates an environment where bacteria and viruses simply cannot thrive, providing peace of mind and a healthier living space. It's a turning point for families, especially those with young children or allergy-prone individuals, as it significantly minimizes potential triggers that could compromise their well-being. SafeFront isn't just about protecting your sofa; it's about protecting your home and the people you care about, ensuring you can enjoy your furniture with confidence and comfort.

Aquaclean safe front

Fabrics recommended for homes with PETS

easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and cleaning

The surface of the Aquaclean Extreme collection is completely smooth, making it easy to remove pet hair from the fabric.

long duration

Long life

These collections have a physical barrier: a layer between the fabric loops and the visible top of the fabric that prevents accidental snagging, not only caused by pets, but also by rivets, zips or jeans rings....

safe front aquaclean

Health, Hygiene and Welfare

Bacteria and mites really thrive if you have pets at home. But Safe Front is a fantastic ally against these organisms, which can cause allergies, especially in children and the elderly.

These fabrics are not indestructible, but they help to prolong the life of your sofa.
Aquaclean real-time cleaning
aquaclean pets logo

The ultimate pet-friendly fabric

Welcome to a world where your sofa is not only pet-friendly, but also pet-friendly. Imagine a fabric so exceptional that it becomes a pet owner's dream come true. For dog and cat lovers, this is the fabric you've been waiting for. It's not just a sofa; it's a sanctuary for your four-legged companions. Let's delve into what makes this fabric a game changer.


Say goodbye to pet hair problems

Picture this: you're cuddling your furry friend on the couch, enjoying a nice evening together. The best part? When your pet decides it's time to go, his or her fur magically stays behind. This fabric features a soft surface that makes it easy to remove pet hair. With a simple wave of your hand or a quick vacuum, your sofa will once again look spotless. No more hours spent trying to remove stubborn pet hair. It's a maintenance dream come true.


Durability that goes beyond

We know that pets can be a little rough on furniture, especially during playtime. That's why this fabric is designed for durability. It can withstand your pets' playful antics by showing resistance to wear and tear. From jumping kittens to enthusiastic dogs, your sofa will remain resilient and beautiful, year after year.


The anti-static and tear-resistant champion

Accidental scratches are common problems for pet owners. But with this fabric those concerns are a thing of the past as Aquaclean Extreme offers tear resistance (NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE). This fabric is not only pet friendly; it is pet approved. It is the perfect companion for your furry family members, ensuring that your sofa remains a cozy and beautiful space for both you and your pets to enjoy. Its anti-static properties allow for easy pickup of pet hair.Get ready to upgrade your living space and experience the ultimate in pet-friendly fabrics.

How to clean a stain?

Aquaclean Extreme Daytona double sofa bed with wireless chargers and cup holders


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