What is the best sofa bed manufactured in Costa Rica?

When we think of a sofa bed, we usually think of comfort. We look for it for our house or rental apartment and many times we relate it to the visit of our parents, friends, aunts, uncles, brothers or someone who comes from abroad to spend some time at home. It makes all sense to think that they should sleep comfortably and not on a foam or floor mattress that will not allow them to rest properly. Before thinking about sofa bed style, we must ask ourselves several questions that we have raised below:

  • How many people should sleep on the same sofa bed?
  • How many hours/days/weeks will they sleep on the sofa bed?
  • Do they need to work or keep any device connected to electricity?
  • How much space do I have for the total width of the sofa?
  • What is the maximum size available when the sofa is extended?
  • What use will the sofa bed have when we don't have visitors?
  • Do I install it in the living room, in a secondary room or in the office?
  • Do we have pets at home?Meet Aquaclean technology!)
  • Do we want it just to watch TV more comfortably and, if necessary, even to sleep there?


There are more factors that we can take into, but we consider the above to be the key points that will help you define the style of sofa bed manufactured in Costa Rica that you are looking for.

For this reason, we have decided to explain each style of sofa bed according to its size, features and function, so you can choose the style that best suits your space and your needs.

#1. King Sofa Bed +++


The King ++ sofa bed is the largest style manufactured, it normally starts at around 3.6m in total length, it is made up of two divans and a central bed, the minimum number of people that can sleep is 5, it has a system of 3 independent retractable backrest.

Recommended for completely open rooms or for home cinemas where about 6 people can be perfectly comfortable without any inconvenience. The independent retractable backrest system allows to have only one of the three modules reclined to 50% and the rest to be in normal position or fully reclined in bed position.

The center bed can be closed and allows for a modular or U-shaped armchair.

#2. Sofa bed King +

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The King + sofa bed style is around 3m in total length normally, its measurement can be adjusted if necessary either in length of the L or the length of the armchair, in this design the side of the divan must be defined at the time of manufacture.

Normally has two independently retractable backrests, the sleeping position is almost always in front of the TV, it is an ideal sofa bed style for families who use the main room of the house to watch TV, and when it comes to receive visitors we turn it into a bed for 4 adults without any problem.

#3. Linear queen sofa bed

Queen Linear Sofa Bed


The linear sofa bed styles are characterized by not covering so much space, the retractable queen sofa bed allows 3 adults to sleep with the greatest possible comfort, this design can complement the main room of the house or even be the main chair of an apartment, its size is around 2.1 meters and can be customized 100% to the space.

The unique retractable backrest system allows three positions, normal, semi-reclined and fully extended.

#4. L-shaped queen sofa

L-shaped queen sofa bed


It is the classic L style with a trundle bed system in the two-seater part and two independent retractable backrests, this style allows a person to lie 100% reclined in the L and the two-seater part to function as a normal armchair or even be semi-reclined to enjoy a movie while the person in the L sleeps.

#5. Linear double sofa bed

Linear double sofa bed


This design has two basic functions, to watch TV extremely comfortable or to function as a bed for two people, it is important to note that this style does not have a retractable backrest, when sitting and extending the bed there is a space of approximately 1.4m, not enough for an average adult to sleep, only for three seated people to put their feet up.

To sleep on this sofa bed should be along the length of the couch, usually measures from 2 to 2.4m, you must take into account the average or maximum height of the people who will sleep to calculate the length of the sofa, for example, if the maximum height is 1.9m the couch will have a length of approximately 2.20m, if it is 2m the height of the people should measure 2.4m in total length.

#6. L-shaped double sofa bed

L-shaped double sofa bed


The L-shaped double sofa bed allows two people to sleep vertically along its length, the extra soft backrests are loose allowing for greater comfort and more space when sleeping.
This design is classic for a room that has at least 2.20m available, it can be extended to a measurement of 2.8m, approximately.
At the time of fabrication, as with any L-shaped style, the side of the divan must be defined.

See double sofa beds L shaped

#7. Retractable double sofa bed


The double sofa bed is a style that adapts to most spaces, from a secondary room, an office, a children's room to a TV room, it can be manufactured in sizes from 1.60m to 2m in length approximately.

In terms of design, if we talk about maximizing space, it can be customized by removing one or both arms to have more seating and bed space. Its retractable backrest system in 3 positions allows it to be very comfortable and we can adjust it at any time.

In the case of small Airbnb type apartments or to rent normally for indefinite periods, it is an excellent option since it allows to increase in 2 the capacity of people that can sleep.

If the place in definitive is the TV room, customizing with cup holder and wireless charger is an excellent option since it allows to connect up to 3 devices to 110V, 2 by USB and one with wireless charging.

#8. Double sofa bed with foldable mechanism 

Double sofa bed with linear American hardware


It is par excellence the sofa that most resembles a bed, when it comes to long stays or elderly people is one of the best options. The height and ease of lying down are important features, compared to other styles when this sofa becomes a bed is 100%, if the idea is also to be able to use it in a TV room may not be the best choice.

The American double sofa bed can be installed on a sofa with a minimum size of approximately 1.9m. The designs of the sofa can be customized, for example in 1.90 meters has two seats but you can choose a single full seat.

#9. Double sofa bed with foldable L-shaped hardware

American double sofa bed with L-shaped American fittings


When the space in the living room is not limited and we can install an armchair in L this sofa bed is an excellent choice if we think about the comfort of the people who can sleep on it, as all American hardware is the most similar to a normal bed.

The L-shaped armchair format allows more people to use the armchair when the bed is not in use. It is recommended to install the hardware in the longest part of the chair, the recommended measurement for this style is 2.8m.

#10. Linear american queen foldable sofa bed 

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Unlike the double queen is a slightly wider fitting, it has an installed measurement of 1.7m, a linear armchair must have a minimum measurement of 2.1m approximately to be able to install an American queen fitting.

The thickness of the foam and the type of fabric of the mattress make this sofa very comfortable when you have to sleep several days in a row on the same couch.

If you have a house or apartment for rent, this style will undoubtedly provide a special comfort to the guests.

#11. American L-shaped queen sofa bed

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An L-shaped armchair normally allows you to put your feet up to be more comfortable or fill the side of the wall where it is to make the most of it, an American queen has a width of approximately 1.70m, it provides enough comfort and convenience for two adults to sleep without any problem, and if it is a child it is also possible to be accommodated with the parents if necessary.

The L styles for this hardware can have two formats, dynamic or reversible L with a minimum length of 2.20m and fixed L with a minimum length of approximately 3m.

#12. Foldable single sofa bed 

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A sofa bed individual American hardware must have a minimum measurement of 1.4m to install the hardware in the internal structure, starting from there you can increase the size as needed, the normal depth is 90c.m of the armchair. It is a small armchair design since it normally goes in auxiliary rooms such as office or main room complement.

The armchair that allows installing this type of hardware is for two people to achieve seated without any problem, is an excellent choice when it comes to apartments or houses for rent because it allows a room with a double bed for example add a single bed for a third person without occupying the space that reaches the classic single bed.

If it is going to be a complement in the office, one option is to customize one of the arms with a wireless charger to facilitate access to charging devices, whether wireless, USB or 110v.

#13. Retractable single sofa bed

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A retractable single sofa bed is the narrowest armchair that can be manufactured and that can be a bed for one person, it has a minimum size of approximately 1.20m, its size makes it ideal for any available space at home.

When the armchair is closed it goes completely unnoticed, it does not look like a sofa bed and much less comfortable as it is, the retractable backrest system allows a very comfortable position when watching TV.

This style can be customized with special fabrics to coexist with pets, with cup holders, with wireless chargers or even with fabric that is 100% waterproof. In some cases it has been an excellent ally when caring for children so that an adult can be sleeping in the room watching over them when necessary without having an assembled bed and taking up little space.

#14. Sofa bed corner nesting or ironwork

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The largest sofa beds structurally speaking are the corner ones, they can measure 3x3m or even more, it is not recommended to customize with the retractable backrest as they usually go against the wall and their backrests are very long.

They are designed to cover large spaces, and that many people can put their feet up and be quite comfortable on the sofa, when it comes to sleeping, the back cushions are removed and one person sleeps in the part that is not a bed, another person in the trundle bed that comes out and the third person sleeps on the other seat, despite being extremely comfortable as an armchair, its structure makes it a bed format that provides a special comfort.

It is par excellence the sofa bed for the whole family to enjoy an afternoon of movies and popcorn, and if you want the option and have the budget to customize it with Aquaclean technology, it is even possible to enjoy a few wines without worrying about stains.

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If you are a pet lover, you live with dogs or cats, you are worried about them damaging the fabric of your new sofa bed, you are concerned about the maintenance and cleaning of your couch, we invite you to learn about the Aquaclean technology. Aquaclean.

If you want to learn more about Aquaclean we invite you to the official site of Spain