Swivel rocking chair for breastfeeding with antibacterial technology

Our new breastfeeding chair is ideal for breastfeeding a baby, it has the ideal comfort and height for mum to be in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

The ottoman with storage allows you to store nappies, creams and products to have them at hand at the right time.

Hand in hand with Aquaclean technology , this nursing chair stays free of mites and viruses, because Safe Front technology creates a protective barrier and does not allow them to reproduce, which helps prevent allergies on mum's or even baby's skin.

Cleaning is only done with water and a damp cloth, no chemicals that could endanger the skin or health are required.

aquaclean antibacterial lactation chair
Ottoman aquaclean yellow trunk
Why a swivel rocking nursing chair?

It is essential, MUM AND BABY DESERVE IT.

After the cradle, the nursing chair is practically the second option to be taken into account when furnishing the baby's room.

At Kawana Furniture you can personalise the design of the chair 100%, we have a wide variety of materials to achieve the ideal combination with the colours of the baby's room.

The best fabric technology


Comfort +

The structure, seat design, backrest and high-density foam allow for a proper posture for holding the baby.


The perfect combination is possible, we have a wide range of material and colour options.

Lumbar support

Every seat has a lumbar support cushion, so mum's comfort should be key.

Rocking chair

A bonus for mum and dad, being able to rock your baby helps to soothe him or her or even put him or her to sleep.

Stain resistant

Aquaclean fabric technology allows for water-based stain removal and extended life.

costa rica aquaclean rocking chair for breastfeeding

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