Extra large corner sofa bed with Aquaclean fabric Imperial 51 for high traffic and stain-resistant technology customized with wireless charger 3m

Extra large corner sofa bed with Aquaclean Imperial 51 high traffic anti-stain technology customized with wireless charger 3m x 2.90m.

Introducing our extra-large corner sleeper sofa with a modern furniture design. This exceptional piece has been crafted to offer a superior combination of comfort, style and durability, thanks to the Aquaclean technology that makes it the perfect choice for homes with children and pets, what sets it apart is the cutting-edge quality of its fabric, equipped with innovative SafeFront technology for unbeatable hygiene and easy maintenance with water only.

Our sofa bed features the finest quality fabrics, specially chosen to withstand the demands of active households. It's not just any fabric; it's a fabric that embraces the chaos of family life with grace. Accidental spills, muddy paws and everyday messes are no match for this fabric's protective shield. Plus, with SafeFront technology, it actively repels bacteria, ensuring your family's health and well-being are safeguarded.

Beneath its luxurious exterior, you'll find a meticulously designed internal structure that defines the essence of rugged craftsmanship. The high quality materials used in its construction ensure that it will maintain its shape and integrity, promising a lasting investment that will not disappoint.

Our extra-large corner sleeper sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it's an oasis of relaxation. Sink into its plush seating and experience ultimate comfort. Designed for both lounging and sleeping, it offers the perfect balance of softness and support. Whether you're hosting a meeting or enjoying a cozy evening with your loved ones, this sleeper sofa ensures you'll always feel right at home.

Cleaning has never been easier thanks to the revolutionary Aquaclean technology. This fabric repels stains and can be effortlessly cleaned with water alone, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and expensive cleaning products. Say goodbye to the hassle of meticulous maintenance and hello to a sleeper sofa that stays spotless and hygienic with minimal effort.

In short, our extra-large corner sleeper sofa with its exceptional fabric quality, sturdy internal structure, unparalleled comfort and innovative Aquaclean technology is the most comfortable and practical sofa you've ever owned. Elevate your living space and create a haven of comfort and cleanliness for your family. Make the smart choice with our extra-large corner sleeper sofa and experience the perfect harmony of style, comfort and convenience.

Versatile functionality

This sofa bed is not just a seating solution; it's a multifunctional masterpiece. With a simple and intuitive mechanism, it effortlessly transforms into a spacious bed, providing a comfortable sleeping space for guests or a cozy spot for a family movie night. Its versatility ensures it is always ready to adapt to your needs.

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Additional information


Beige, Ivory


Fluffy, Futon Couch, Sleeper Sofa, Sofa bed



Measurements (Approximate)

3m / 2.90m


Double + Single

Special features

High traffic, Wireless charger, Virus and bacteria free, PFC Free (Fluorocarbon Free), Water spot remover, Fire retardant, Extra comfortable