Aquaclean fabric cat couch with fabric recommended for living with pets Daytona 76

Aquaclean Daytona 76 fabric cat litter chair with fabric recommended for living with pets, Aquaclean® technologywas developed to avoid disasters with animals at home and at the same time clean only with water.

Within Aquaclean there is the extreme line, which is the material in which this lounge set with fluffy seats is made, it is reinforced fabric and specially treated with an additional layer that makes it more resistant to scratches from pets that normally damage the fibres of a fabric.

In addition, all Aquaclean fabrics incorporate SAFE FRONT® technology that protects against fungi, mites and bacteria, an ecological mechanism that eliminates micro-organisms. SAFE FRONT® helps prevent allergies.

The physical barrier provided by Aquaclean Extreme allows for greater durability and because it is a 100% smooth material it is easy to maintain and clean.

Whether your pet is a kitten, a Persian cat, a Siamese cat, a French bulldog, an Australian shepherd or you just love it, this is the fabric for your next living room set.

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Aquaclean, AQUACLEAN DAYTONA 60 LIGHT GRAY, Aquaclean Extreme

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